Sponsored by the Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce
and the Roxbury Economic Development Committee

Thank you for participating in our 8th Annual Town-wide Garage & Yard Sale Events

Check Back in the spring for Information about or 2022 Garage & Yard Sale Events
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After the Sale

Consider donating your unwanted items.

Don’t fee like dragging your unsold merchandise back back into your attic or basement? Consider donating your gently used items to a local charity. We have listed a few here—that offer pick-up services—for your convenience.

Salvation Army

(973) 366-6626


(973) 366-3358

Good Will NJ

(973) 983-5693

Market Street Mission

(973) 538-0427

Links will open in a new page. The charities listed above are suggestions and should not be considered endorsements by The Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce, The Roxbury Economic Development Committee or the Township of Roxbury.

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