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Garage Sale FAQs

This event was created as a community fundraiser through the Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce to create an exciting day of shopping within the Township.


Proceeds will benefit many areas of the community including Social Services, the Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce scholarship fund and many more in town initiatives and to promote our business community. The Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce is a registered 501 (c)(3) public charity.



Q: When/Where/What is the Roxbury Town-wide Garage Sale?
A: Please read the information that we have provided in the “About the Sale” section of our website. Aditional information can be found in the “Registration Section” under “Sale Details.”


Q: Is there a fee to be included in the sale?
A: We accept donations in lieu of a fee.


Q: I live in a Condo Complex, can I participate?
A: Yes, for your own unit/home. “Complex-wide” registrations will not be accepted.


Q: My organization would like to participate as a group sale, is that allowed?
A: Yes, please do consider a donation with your registration.


Q: I live just over in the border in Another Town, can I participate?
A: Yes, however, you’ll need to comply with your municipality’s yard/garage sale rules, and permit requirements.


Q: When will the map be published?
A: On the Friday before the sale, check our website it will be prominently displayed once it is released.


Q: Is there a rain date for this event?
A: No, the event is held rain or shine.


Q: Can you send me updates about the sale?
A: Sure, simply sign up for our announcements via our website:


Q: Will there be a sale at Horseshoe Lake during the Town-wide Garage Sale?
A: No, the Yard & Craft Sale Sale at Horseshoe Lake is held as a separate event in September.


Q: How can I un-register? Someting came up and I can no loger host a sale.
A: Contact us vis the form on our home page; be sure to include your address. Your donation (if any) will not be refunded.